Pricing and Specifications


The pricing is approximate. Prices may vary depending on configuration and additional equipment.

The dredger has been modified in 2016. New auger-cylinders have been installed. 2 hydraulic motors with auger-cylinders for water navigation have been installed. They are mounted on swing arms in order to be able to lift them while navigating through reeds, meadow, quagmire, etc.

The cost of the work that cannot be done with any other machinery is comparable to the price of a conventional crane or crawler excavator! There simply are no alternatives.

We are eager to discuss your project and individual conditions. We appreciate the desire of our clients to care for nature and live in a beautiful place

Product Price
Screw-propelled Dredger, latest model 300,000 EUR


Hull length, m 7,6
Width, m 2,6
Hull roof height, m 3,2
Track, m 1,4
Auger-cylinders diameter, m 1,0
Weight, kg 7000
Bucket 0,25 m3 (backhoe)
Cutter-suction dredge
Angle of arm rotation by azimuth, degrees 180
Bucket digging depth, m 4
Depth of dredging with cutter suction dredge, m 5,3
Digging radius, m upto 5,1
Dumping height, m 3,2
Bucket operation performance on 1-4 category soils in water, m3/hour 12-20
Cutter suction dredge performance in slurry, m3/hour 160
Cutter suction dredge performance in soil, m3/hour 10-25
Rake designed for bottom vegetation and debris removal, dimensions, m 1,84*0,9
Operating depth by front outriggers with wheels, m 3,5
Operating depth by rear outriggers, m 4,5
Autonomy capacity, hours 30-35
Draft, m 1,5
Engine: turbodiesel Sofim 8140-43 122 hp
Torque, kg*m 28,5
Hydraulic system with two hydraulic pumps: - Axial piston pump V-122 cm3 with operating pressure of 200 bar
- NS100 pump with operating pressure, bar
Capacity of hydraulic system, l 400
Oil cooler, full-flow filtration system, thermal protection of the tank and hydraulic pumps.
Hydraulic motors with auger-cylinders for water navigation. Travel speed, km/h 5-7
Hydraulic motor power, hp 20-25