We can clean a pond or make a lake where other means are powerless!

Ordering a delivery of large dredgers for small rivers and ponds to complete small volumes of local work is too expensive.

Moreover, conventional dredgers are unable to work in wetland, cannot handle complex clay soils, and fail to work in areas densely overgrown with reeds and other aquatic vegetation.

Draglines dig patchy beds and are limited both in the radius of work and by the area of the solid shore surface.

Our compact all-terrain dredger will get in and get out of any puddle on its own and will clean any swamp up to 4m deep. It doesn’t require special equipment for transportation and complies with all traffic standards in terms of transport dimensions. It doesn’t need a crane for loading/unloading (you save money!).

We spent several years developing and building this unique machine from scratch that has already undergone multiple upgrades. No other machine is capable of solving such tasks of private clients for small and medium-sized ponds, marshy and stiff terrain and coastal zones at reasonable (not outrageous!) prices. There simply are no alternatives.